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Thu 25 Sep 2014

Manga+Press now has a Twitter account. Follow to get announcements and the latest updates!

Mon 24 Feb 2014

Please do not leave support questions on blog posts.

The best place to leave them is either on GitHub (if a bug-report) or on the support forum at

I’ll be following the same policy concerning my personal Twitter account (or other forms of social media).

Moving forward, support questions posted on blog posts will be removed.

Sun 21 Sep 2014

Just a head’s up but Manga+Press 2.9.0-beta.1 has been released on Github, which can be downloaded as zip file [here]. This is still in development but ready for testing. I do not recommend using v2.9 on a live site just yet. Some of the things that have been changed in 2.9 include:

  • Updated navigation CSS
  • Removed “Order By” Option. Now defaults to date.
  • Removed “Use Theme Template” options. Now defaults to using theme templates.
  • Added contextual help tabs for options pages.
  • Added Calendar template tag for comics
  • Added filter for changing Comic post-type front slug (defaults to comic)

Once testing is done, 2.9 will be released, with the Spanish version following a few weeks later (2.9.1).

As usual, if you find anything wrong, leave a note on the WordPress Support Forums. Thanks!

Mon 19 May 2014

Current development state

Putting the brakes on Manga+Press 2.9 development for the moment. Things are busy with my life, and I’ve noticed some issues with the structure of the plugin that will likely take a while to work out. In the mean-time, I’m going to take some of the things that were fixed in the 2.9 branch and merge those fixes into 2.8. I’m also planning on creating a new site and a new support system that should handle bugs and enhancement requests. I’ve realized that routing support requests to GitHub and WordPress was probably not the most ideal thing to do but it solved issues with support requests over Twitter and personal email.

Tue 1 Apr 2014

Manga+Press 2.9 or 3.0. And what about WordPress 3.9?

Last question first: I’ll make sure (as always) to ensure that Manga+Press is compatible with the latest version of WordPress, even though I’m in the middle of development for the next version of Manga+Press.

Which leads us into the second question. The next release is going to be 2.9. I’m not going to jump to 3.0. I’m saving that for a feature release. 2.9 is turning out to be another refactoring version, namely focusing on template handling plus bringing Manga+Press more inline with the way WordPress does things. Which means deprecating some functions that handles Manga+Press’ navigation due to some bug fixes in WP core that allows Manga+Press to use core functionality for navigation. Sadly, that means that the “Group By Parent Category” feature will go away. However, I do have a solution for that issue, which is mentioned in this blog post. The main issue I’m finding as I continue the code refactor will likely be performance-related and could make template development (namely for comic archives) more complex.

Finally, I’m shooting to have a new version of out before the end of the year. The site layout has stayed pretty static since it was launched six years ago and could definitely benefit from a refresh.

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